Monday, 10 May 2021

Springtime in England

   There is nothing like springtime in England One of the first signs of spring are the lovely flowers that burst into bloom with the longer days and warmer weather.

Primroses, violets and daffodils all grow in the wild as well as cultivated varieties in gardens. There is blossom on the trees and lambs appear in the fields.

An illustration from the Flower Fairy series by Cicely Mary Barker


Spring has inspired artists and writers and musicians.

In this Victorian painting a hireling shepherd has been brought in to help with the spring lambing season, the shepherdess is clearly smitten.





The Hireling Shepherd

Bluebells and Birch Trees

 One of the best illustrators of the countryside in spring is Edith Holden, A Victorian artist who kept a diary of her findings. Visiting bluebell woods is a popular springtime occupation , for a few brief weeks the woods are carpeted by these lovely blue flowers. They are a protected species, it is illegal to remove or pick them.



Another illustrator of the English country side was Rowland Hilder who with his wife Edith illustrated the Shell Guide to

 Flowers of The Countryside May by Rowland and Edith Hilder


To hear this music you must look at the web version,It does not appear on the mobile version

                                   The Rustle of Spring by  played by Peter Ogden

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