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Tate Modern, Pierre Bonnard ,The Colour of Memory Review


                    The Tate  Modern, Bankside, London

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 Remembering France

I have visited France many times over the last 60 years.The French have always presented a life style that I like. This exhibition reminded me of all that life there can offer.The paintings and the colours brought back memories of France ,wonderful food,the warm, lavender scented south and some rather dodgy plumbing.

The Exhibition

The exhibition is large extending over 13 rooms so give yourself plenty of time  and wear comfortable shoes. Inspite of a timed ticket system it is rather overcrowded.
Bonnard has painted the private world that he shared with his companion of 30 years Marthe de Meligny.
There are detailed explanations of the paintings and Bonnard's increasing development of the use of colour. Nearly all of the paintings are of France.


The French take food very seriously and many paintings show the enjoyment of leisurely and delicious meals. Sometimes family pets are included like these two cats glaring at each other across the table.     
P. Bonnard


Everyone wants to try eating snails the first time they go to France .There are special tongs for removing them from their shells and the plate is swimming in garlic butter in which to dip them.

The Sea                                                
August is a month when the French abandon everything to go to the coast or country.Bonnard spent extended periods in the  strong warm light of  the South of France.The coast and visits there became his subjects.



 Marthe de Meligny  whom Bonnard evetually married took long baths in the hope of curing various complaints from which she was suffering. He painted several portraits of her bathing ,experimenting with colour and compositions in front of a mirror.


                                                                         After The Exhibition

       A good place to take a break after the exhibition is the Bar and Kitchen Cafe.Book in advance if you want a window table and enjoy a leisurely meal while you watch the endlessly fascinating views across the River Thames. 

View of the river Thames from tate Modern

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