Thursday 15 August 2019

A Good Book,10 Best Paintings of People Reading

I love reading and I love art.

People reading have been the subjects of many  famous paintings.Reading when travelling,with children,in the bathroom, or my favourite place which is in bed.
 We read to learn,for the pleasure of a good book,letters from loved ones, to catch up on the news or to find comfort  from old favourites like The Bible.

These are some of the reading paintings that I like best. 
I wonder where you  dear reader are reading this.

Reading The Bible by Albert Anker

Painting by Ho Shoha

The Law Student by Norman Rockwell
The Readers by Joseph Lorusso
A Good Picture Book by Walter Firle
Lamplight by Georg Pauli
ABC by Jessica Wilcox Smith
Letter from The Front by Agnes Goodsir
Painting by Sally Storch
Painting by Grace Cha


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