Monday 23 December 2019

Snow Scenes,Favourites Ancient and Modern

Painted Winter

We have not had any serious snow in the UK yet, I love it as long as it does not go on for too long.As soon as there is some snowfall I go out with a camera to find suitable views to turn into paintings.Given that I live in a city with many lovely old buildings that is not hard.
Winter snow scenes remind me of memories of Christmas, friends and family returning home ,and the cool, cold silence and peace that a deep fall of snow imparts.
 Many famous artists have painted snow scenes , here are some of my favourites.
Winter Landscape ,Rowland Hilder
Painting by Jack Sorenson

Cover for The New Yorker 1942

 Village Scene Christmas Card by Evynd Earle

Snow Scene ,Pissaro

Hunters in The Snow ,Breughal the Elder

Blizzard by Nina Macquire

Returning Home, Ellison Hoover

City Under Snow by Anton Piek

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