Monday 17 April 2023

A Coronation Cake


How to Make a Coronation Cake

  I have been asked to make a Coronation Cake for a local party to celebrate

 the coronation of King Charles 111.This needs to be a large cake.

I have started by making a decorative crown in modellers sugar paste to decorate the cake. This paste is different from fondant paste , it holds cut out designs well and hardens quickly.


                   The Cross will go on top at the last minute to avoid damage

I shall make the actual cake near to the day so that it is fresh .The crown will fit a six inch cake and then this will be put on a larger 9 inch base.

Betty Crocker vanilla cake made with butter not oil gives a good result and is easy to mix up in a large quantity.

I found a good set of instructions devised by lucyssugarshack which are available at


                 These instructions list what ingredients to buy for the decorations

                              My crown is based on the hobby craft design



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