Thursday 15 October 2020

Destitution and Poverty?After Covid 19

 This morning a commentator suggested that a result of the loss of incomes and closure of work places  will result in destitution and poverty for many people.

In case you have never seen these scourges this is how some artists have drawn them



                                            The Stone Breakers ,Courbet



                                     Beggars At The Door, Rembrandt


                                          Brot, Kathe Kollwitz     


                                         The Absinthe Drinker, Degas


                                  Tenement Children, Joan Eardley





                                        Slum Children Joan Eardley

Sunday 15 March 2020

Plague,Disease,Death, how artists have reacted.

The world is facing a new plague,Covid19,these are some paintings and illustrations from the past showing how artists reacted in their own time to similar disasters.

Death Seizing a Mother by Kathe Kollwitz,1934


The last great pandemic, Influenza 1918

The Doctor,Luke Fildes, 1891

Applicants for Admission to a Casual Ward, Luke Fildes 1891

Diptheria,Richard Cooper Tennant



Monday 23 December 2019

Snow Scenes,Favourites Ancient and Modern

Painted Winter

We have not had any serious snow in the UK yet, I love it as long as it does not go on for too long.As soon as there is some snowfall I go out with a camera to find suitable views to turn into paintings.Given that I live in a city with many lovely old buildings that is not hard.
Winter snow scenes remind me of memories of Christmas, friends and family returning home ,and the cool, cold silence and peace that a deep fall of snow imparts.
 Many famous artists have painted snow scenes , here are some of my favourites.
Winter Landscape ,Rowland Hilder
Painting by Jack Sorenson

Cover for The New Yorker 1942

 Village Scene Christmas Card by Evynd Earle

Snow Scene ,Pissaro

Hunters in The Snow ,Breughal the Elder

Blizzard by Nina Macquire

Returning Home, Ellison Hoover

City Under Snow by Anton Piek

Tuesday 19 November 2019

Selling my stuff,Ebay or Amazon?

My Cambridge Attic is still full of books

After a week of trying to set up an Amazon Selling account I have got absolutely nowhere.They keep telling me I have to send different documents to prove that I am me,
perhaps I should stick with my ebay account.

At least it has given me more time to select a few books to sell.

When the account is finally set up I shall start with these two.


 This book published in 1985 is full of charming illustrations to well known poems
 about elves and fairies.

A more recent book is 


I bought this book very recently,it is a very full account of modern still life .It was not quite what I wanted and I shall be selling it for a lot less than the £22 I paid for it.


Monday 11 November 2019

Too Much Stuff

            The time has come, I have to get rid of some of my stuff, it is taking over especially the books so I have spent hours opening an Amazon (UK) selling account and will be selling some of my lovely books under the name 

                                                         Cambridge Attic

    My attic is not quite as bad as this but it will be if I do not start downsizing soon.

Photo by De Mies found on Pinterest

Sunday 27 October 2019

Witches ,Goblins ,Mischief, Famous Scary Illustrations for Dark Nights

The clocks have changed, the nights are getting darker .Time for witches and other spooky characters to step out .
                                             Something Wicked This Way Comes

The Autumn People by Frank Frazetta (1965)

On a Bat's Back I Do Fly by Helen Jacobs (1880-1970)

Two Witches Inscribed Teheran

The Wind's Tale  (Hans Anderson) by Dulac (1882-1975)


The Witch from Walt Disney's film of Snow White

Rip Van Winkle by Arthur Rackham


Halloween Illustration for War Time 1942

Hansel and Gretel, Arthur Rackham


Saturday 12 October 2019

Summer Days Turned Into Paintings

Summer is over and I have used the things that I saw around me to make 3 paintings for an exhibition.

One of my academic neighbours let a rose bush grow wild and it has reverted to natural flowering for a brief period in June showing the pretty traditional Tudor rose blossoms. Still to be seen in our hedgerows in England.


I have inherited a lot of pottery and china from my grandmothers and mother .I shall have to cut down on it sometime but have fond memories of drinking tea with my family brewed in this old teapot.


Sunflowers did well in my garden , their big golden heads alive with bumble bees and butterflies.The shops were full of big cheap bunches of them too.I saw the Van Gogoh exhibition in London in July, who could resist having a go at a sunflower painting after seeing his?


The Final Result


              Three paintings entered for the Cambridge Open Art Exhibition

Grandma's Teapot sold already.