Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Pussy Cat Portraits


 This Alley Cat portrait  in wool and felt was popular at a local craft exhibition I have just taken part in.


Alley Cat

              A companion for the ginger cat I did a while ago




Friday, 28 October 2022

Christmas Baubles



                  Christmas is coming, time to start making things. 

                                               Christmas Baubles

Legend has it that in Pagan Times in Northern Europe The Fire of The Gods was stolen and given to man by Snake Lightning which lit up The Tree of Knowledge that granted consciousness to manIn order to appease the Gods men hung offerings of apples, bread rolls, and flowers on the branches of a tree. The tree would be set on fire in order to return the gift of fire to the Gods. This tradition was adapted to the Christian faith in the 8th Century.

St Boniface used the triangular shape of fir trees to introduce the concept of the Trinity. Apples were used to decorate the trees until a harsh winter killed many apple trees in 1858.Other forms of decoration were invented such as glass balls  and the Christmas bauble became popular as the use of fir Christmas trees as a decoration spread around the world.

I use needle felting which uses wool to make baubles ,replacing my old plastic ones for a natural substance.

Traditional forms may include the fir tree, the candy cane, candles, wreaths ,bells ,stars and more recently birds, and snow men.





Sunday, 20 March 2022

Broody Hens

 More needle felting with some hens on nests .Getting ready to use these with some eggs in the nests for an Easter display at home.



Sunday, 13 March 2022

A Russian Gun in Ely


            This cannon was captured from the Russians in Sebastopol in 1860 and given to Ely City by Queen Victoria after the Crimean War in recognition of the successful formation of the Ely Rifle Volunteers.

It has been decorated with the flag of Ukraine. 

Ely Cathedral has been a place of prayer and pilgrimage since the 8th Century.




Sunday, 6 March 2022

BBC Access to News


                                             How to receive BBC News from Ukraine                             

Monday, 28 February 2022

Painting and Crafting with Wool


I have decided to work with a new medium for producing paintings ,sculptures and craft work.

Wool is a wonderful, natural medium, best known for lovely clothing but also used for painting sculpture and craftwork.

Here in England we have factories that are still producing beautiful wool both for spinning into fabric and unspun for artists and crafters.

I have been using dry felting techniques ,

This is some of my work, I am improving with practice. 


A Marmalade Cat

Winter Night


Easter Eggs


Felted Easter Eggs

Using traditional wool from Teesdale