Thursday, 7 March 2019

Dogs in Paintings and Drawings

Dogs are in drawings and paintings as companions, working dogs,  hunters and retrievers.Here are a few of my favourites art works for you to enjoy.


                                                                                    Dog Chair by Cecil Aldin

A house with a dog  chair suggests that the owners treat the dogs as companions and friends. This artist is well known for his illustrations of dogs.

                                                         In Disgrace by Charles Barbour Burton


   Victorian and sentimental  in style .This little girl has been naughty but has as sympathetic   friend  in her  dog.

                                            Pulling A Pint by Norman Cornish
 Norman Cornish drew and painted the pit men in and around Durham in the north of England.This is a pub where coal miners would go for a drink after a hard day often taking their whippets, along with them.

Working Dogs 


Welsh artist Kyffin Williams has caught the attitudes of the Collie dogs as they round up sheep for their shepherd perfectly.

                                              Searching for sheep in the snow.

 Hunting and Retrieving 


                                 Hunters Returning in The Snow, by Breugel The Elder
                     This painting may be seen at Kunthistories museum in Vienna
   Hunters trudging home through deep snow in freezing weather they are hanging their  heads in disappointment they have nothing to bring home after a long day.



A traditional hunting scene by Cecil Aldin.
Although scenes like this are now very unpopular with some people this artist captures the excitement of the hounds as they follow their natural instincts to go out as a pack.


                                         Walkies in Buenos Aires by Beryl Cook                       

       Professional dog walkers are seen everywhere these days. Beryl Cook's paintings are usually about ordinary people enjoying themselves or in this case dogs. 

From Beryl Cook :The Bumper Edition ISBN 0-575-07021-8



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