Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Watercolour : NEO-PASTELS

Neo-Pastels, soluble wax pastels are a useful addition to any artists range of art products.
They look like wax crayon .You can draw with them just as you would with any crayon on paper but then you can brush over your drawing with water and the colours turn from outline marks into a lovely water colour painting.

I enjoy drawing from life .The group that I belong to draws from models who pose for a limited amount of time.The models change poses frequently with a longer pose of about 40 minutes at the end.You have to get a lot down on your paper quickly and I find that I can do this well with this medium.

They are also ideal for taking out or on vacation as the make that I use come in a sturdy tin and I use water filled brush pens such as those made by Pentel as a convenient water supply. Just remember to empty out the water if you  carry them in cabin baggage when flying. 

This was a fast portrait  on paper useing a small range of neo pastels first in outline and then with water and a brush.


I also use these pastels on top of stretched canvas as basic planning for paintings in acrylic.
Wild Roses

They come in a huge range of colours ,a tin of these crayons would be a lovely gift for any artist.Click on the links below to see how to get them delivered from Amazon


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