Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Acrylic Painting for Artists

What are acrylic paints?
Acrylic paints are a relatively new medium and can be used in many different ways and techniques.
They were made popular by contemporary artists such as David Hockney and his swimming pool paintings.
The colours are bright  and suited to to both professionals and beginners.
Some artists like to use them thickly on canvas like oil paints.
A water colour effect can be achieved by using watered down paint with acrylic gel or water on paper.

Stunning , experimental effects can be used with collage .

They dry very quickly, you can create a painting and have it ready to hang on the wall after an hour.
No smelly mixers of oil or turps are needed .Acrylic Gel mixers are useful for thinning or special effects and to stick down collage.

If you make a mistake you can paint over it.

Acrylic paints are my favourite paints , I have been using them for over twenty years.There are many makes, my favourites are recommended at the bottom of the page.

I like the bright colours and get the results that I want for snow scenes in winter, bright beaches in the summer and for painting flowers.

 Here are some of my paintings using acrylic paints

School's Out
The Salvation Army Band



Daffodils and Anemones

Gone Tropical

Low Tide
Click here to see  about my favourite Liquitex paints and Terry Harrison's book which is full of excellent advice on how to get started.

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