Sunday, 14 April 2019

Van Gogh and Britain Exhibition Review.

Self Portrait by Vincent Van Gogh

Where is it?

At Tate Britain ,Millbank London UK.

To look up details of opening times, how to get there and how to buy tickets click on this link 

Buy tickets in advance, many dates and times were sold out when I went.
I have subscribed to membership of this group of Tate Galleries, it means I can go when I like. The membership rooms and cafes are excellent places to take a rest or meet up with others. 
Allow about 1-2 hours to see the exhibition

What is the exhibition about? 

This exhibition is in two parts:

1.Van Gogh's experience of living and working  in Victorian London as a young man and how this experience influenced his work as an artist seeing poverty and hardship as suitable subjects to paint.The influence of Impressionism is also shown.

2.The second part shows the influence that Van Gogh's work had on British artists up until the 1950s.Paintings by Epstein, Sickert, Gilman, Gore and Bacon show Van Gogh's influence on these artists.

What I thought about the exhibition

There was a 30 minute line waiting to go in .This did mean that there was strict control over the number of people being allowed in at any time and avoided the terrible overcrowding that has been an annoying feature of some block buster exhibitions recently.This wait adds to the time you should expect to allow for the whole experience.

There were some lovely paintings by artists whose work Van Gogh admired such as Constable and Pissaro. 

The exhibition was very enjoyable with some  drawings by Van Gogh that were new
 to me .There were plenty of favourite works on display and I was pleased to find that photography of most works was allowed .I loved the sunflower room.
There was not too much emphasis on Van Gogh's mental illness although this was part of his genius .

What to look out for

Starry Night

Prison Courtyard

Wheat Field

Buy the catalogue after you have seen the exhibition, it is heavy to carry around and will add to your baggage allowance if you are travelling by air.Click on the link below to order one from Amazon to your home address.


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