Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Best Coloured Pencils for Artists Review

There is a vast and confusing array of coloured pencils for sale .Very cheap ones are suitable for small children and will not give a good result for the more skilled or ambitious artist.
The coloured pencils that I have chosen to review are types that I own and have used.They are widely available .These are professional grade pencils, not for for small children to play with.


Here is my list.To buy from Amazon or see the range of sizes that they have available click on the links.

1.Pablo Coloured Pencils ,Caran d'Ache


These pencils are creamy, soft and water resistant.They have excellent covering power.They can be used with other media and have exceptional light fastness.There is a large range of 120 colours, they can be bought as a pre-selected tin or individually.

2.Derwent Water Colour Pencils 

This range of colours can be used dry for the traditional control of a pencil drawing.The addition of water adds to their versatility for water colour effects and soft lines.The full range is presented in a wooden box but smaller budget sizes are avaliable.


3.Museum Aquarelle,Water Colour Pencils,Caran d'Ache

 These are top of the range pencils .They can be used wet or dry,The colours are intense and exceptionally light fast making them suitable for artists who sell their work.They can be bought as a full set or individually.There is a lovely wooden box containing the full range but smaller, less expensive selections are available.



4. The Derwent Academy range.They are hard and quite chalky but if you enjoy colouring in  Adult Drawing books  the  36 colour range will give pleasing results at a budget price.

Two must have extras

Keeping coloured pencils sharp is essential.Using hand held sharpeners or Stanley knives can ruin your expensive pencils.A good quality desk sharpener will extend the life of your pencils.

 I use the Swordfish Omnipoint


Your  drawing can be ruined by using a dirty or unsuitable erasure.For a neat clean up I use  The Derwent  battery driven erasure.



  The most comprehensive book I have found about coloured pencils is

                    The Ultimate Guide to Colored Pencil by Gary Greene 




Some of the very best examples of illustrations using coloured pencils can be seen in 
                                  The Snowman by Raymond Briggs



My Style
Many of the books about coloured pencils are illustrated by very polished drawings of fruit and other static subjects .I do not do this kind of drawing and prefer to use my crayons for less formal sketching .Coloured pencils are very useful to take on vacation.They do not take up too much room in your bag and the addition of a couple of water brushes and a small sketch book means you have enough equipment at your disposal.

I like to hold my sketch book behind a newspaper and capture some of the characters around swimming pools .These are from a trip to Tenerife last year .Ivan the Terrible was a Russian business man who marched around shouting on his phone and annoying everyone who wanted a bit of peace and quiet.



It is not necessary to go to exotic locations to find subjects to draw.There is plenty of stuff on TV you can use. I did these action drawings of a cricket match between India and Pakistan today.






        These links will take you to the blogs of two artists who are well known for their use of sketches


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